Sunday, August 5, 2018

Joining new company

I have joined this company almost 2 years back and been offered the basic job profile. Even though I had experience of more than 5+ years, I have been given basic profile. This was all because of the job I switched from my first company, I was enjoying a lot at my 2nd company and had no job satisfaction due to lack of learning opportunities and/or recognitions. So, I have decided to move to this company with moderate hike and with basic job role. When I joined this company, I have been treated as a fresher and have been asked to learn from new College graduates who had just 1-year work experience at their current role. A guy who joined along with me and who was given high grade than me was offered more priority than me in the team. At one point of time, I felt more disappointed than ever and was hoping that at one point all would be normal. After lot of struggle and hard work on the projects I have been assigned, I was able to prove myself and been one of the top performer in the team. To continue learning about this story, please visit the sites which were listed under “G R Team Sites”.

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