Sunday, October 14, 2018

Issue with another credit card

Now after solving one credit card issue which had levied debit interest charges and had annual fee associated with it and now I wanted to reveal tactics of one more credit card. So, I have been using this credit card for past 3+ years and this credit card doesn’t have any annual fee associated with it. So, I have been using this card as a backup credit card and interest charges are usually higher than the other credit cards. This credit card has reward points as its benefits and I have accumulated few reward points to it. Now I found a workaround for earning more reward points in the card, just by adding balance to the online shopping portal and even by paying bills through that online portal. I have paid few bills with this credit though the online portal which have 10X reward points for each transaction made and was hoping to earn big for the current statement period. However again I was shocked to see current credit card statement as it had lesser reward points than I anticipated and wanted to validate the Terms. When I checked the terms of the reward points, I was shocked to see that there was maximum slab on reward points could be earned per month. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Lack of support from new Delivery Expert

So, the initial days went smooth as I had some standard information available with me and there no expectation from our team, as we were waiting for some clarifications from the client. After few days, the client had responded to the questionnaire and now there were lot of activities to be completed and I need complete support from this new delivery expert. I have heard some information from may team members, that it might be difficult to extract information from this delivery expert and otherwise the delivery expert would be helpful enough to complete the work on time. With such expectation I had my mind set and I have already put on some solution in place with my delivery understanding and all that new delivery expert needs to do is to, just check and customize it based on client requirements and her delivery experience. I have shared my solution to deck to the delivery expert for the review and to customize it further for the client requirements. But, I was completely shocked and devastated by the response and the feedback received. Continue reading at “G R Team sites” listed in the right Side of this site.