Saturday, July 20, 2019

Recurring calls and the first updated deck for review

So, I scheduled recurring calls with all the team members and the leaders to review the daily updated decks and get the necessary from the onsite team. On the first day I had a very draft storyline in place, and I had few information copy-pasted from the earlier decks for the review. The call started, the on-site team was immediately checking for the latest slides for the review and they were expecting everything to be in place on Day 1. I was completely furious, however I couldn’t express it in the call, as there were any top leaders and delivery leads in the call. I was patiently going through the slides and explaining it to the on-site team, the purpose, the required inputs from each team and the outcomes that we wanted to call out. In that initial call, everyone was fine with the storyline and was expecting it to be continued in the next week recurring calls as well and was forcing me to have the updated deck by Monday evening call. Learn more about what happened on the Monday call, detailed in the G R Team sites.