Sunday, March 17, 2019

Another surprise shock in the office

We had very good time at office as my manager was on off and entire team had no work and were having much fun playing “Bingo” game in the office hours. The next day with much anticipation about new work and thinking about the complexity about the opportunity, I enter office and there was pleasant surprise again. My manager took off for consecutive two days and I check my mail for any work, to my pleasant surprise I had no work to be completed. That’s not all and my entire team had no work to done and we were planning to play “Bingo” game again. Now another colleague puts a hard brake and conveys that she is not interested in playing the game, as it feels bored and was looking for new games. Now, we get together discuss and finalize that we play “Ludo” game and we had the exact combination of players required for the game. We were having much fun playing the game and were pulling legs each other. But it’s not all, the hard part is yet to come and to continue the story, please check out “G R Team sites”