Friday, March 13, 2020

Going ahead with my plan to complete service request

So, I and the offshore delivery point of contact was working hard to finish the service request as early as possible and within two days we were able to complete almost all client requirements. For the first day, we sent initial work in progress document to the on-site team for review and was awaiting feedback from them. Until the next day, we did not get review comments or acknowledgment from the on-site team and now we have to take a stand to complete the work as early as possible. Therefore, I and the offshore delivery person concluded that, if there is no comment let’s assume that we are on the right track and complete the rest of the document in our day time and send the updated version as a final draft from offshore. The delivery lead was also acknowledging my suggestions and we agreed that we will go ahead with the discussed plan and if at all, the on-site team needs additional information we can plug and play wherever we could. One major concern running back of my mind was that the reason behind the on-site team’s silence, I wonder whether it could be that, the entire storyline might be different from whatever client had requested for or my storyline would be bang on with details of what client had requested. To know more, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”