Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Initial effort to complete services request

So, my manager pulled me into support the last-minute service request for my teammates and I had to understand all the client requirements within a short span of time. I tried to read all the documents that the client had shared earlier, however, I was able to cover only a few of those documents. With my understanding and expertise in completing previous such requests, I had to complete an entire service request. I called my teammates to understand more about the service request and I was able to get only feeble insights and some usual stuff. I started by putting in some standard content from my repository and drafted a rough table of contents with my understanding of client requirements. I was not even included in the discussion calls and not all the information shared by my teammates was enough. However, my manager was persisting to complete the documents as early as possible and his inputs for the completion of the document were out of the world. It was completely irrelevant to the client's requirements and the delivery team was asking me to reject all his suggestions. To know more about key highlights while completing this service request, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”