Sunday, January 5, 2020

Background information about upcoming service request

The moment I joined the call with my manager for assisting the delivery lead for pulling up the existing slides from the repository, he started to provide background for the new work out of nowhere and requesting me to schedule recurring calls for next weeks with onsite team for discussion. I was completely taken aback by this approach and was waiting for the call to get over, so I can discuss with my manager about taking up the work. My manager was still in assumption that the delivery lead was expecting to share existing reusable slides and the moment I stressed about being new work coming out of nowhere, he understood and was requesting me to provide support for the service request. From the initial discussions, the service request seemed to be easier pick and all I had to do was analyse existing knowledge repository and pull in some existing slides and reword it based on the client requirements. However, as usual it turned out to be most irritating service request by working with my manager and delivery point of contact assigned. To know more about the service request, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”