Monday, June 26, 2017

Digging Deep While the Competition Sleeps

I’m a very busy person with a successful business that took years to build. I don’t contribute my success to luck or beauty or say I had the lowest bid or the slickest presentation, I win because I show up on time and give a convincing presentation of the benefits of using my accounting service. I don’t knock the competition; my town is too small for that. I just out-wit them and baffle the client with my brilliance. Where others talk, I perform. While they’re sleeping on the details, I’m showing them in living color.

The truth is, running a business while raising a family is tough, and I have to be tougher. I’ve got to dig deep to find ways to stay sharp and Groupon is one of the ways I do that. For years now I’ve shopped Groupon because they continue to up their game. From local deals to island get-a-ways, I’ve used them to quickly tie up the loose ends of family vacations, celebrations and for every type of event you can name. One of the best kept secrets I’ve found is a company called StubHub. They are the world’s largest ticket marketplace and allow you to book tickets to everything from an international soccer match to a neighborhood cooking class. I chart out the days and times we’re going to be in a location, have the family submit suggestions for things they’d like to do and see, then have my oldest child books the tickets for that day. Then we start over the next day and the next oldest books the tickets for that portion of the trip. I speak with only one “representative” who’s sold the others on the plan, and that way, I can stay out of the “negotiations” and do my work. It’s become a way for them to take responsibility for their entertainment, learn to work together and appreciate how much it costs to move a family of five around in a new city.

We’ve visited museums, swam with dolphins, seen Broadway plays and volunteered in homeless shelters. Meanwhile, I’ve kept my focus on bringing in new clients. With StubHub, we know we can rely on our tickets to be honored and avoid the hassle of long lines, and poor seats at some of the best shows in the country. And by using Groupon, we save time, money and get in on the fun ahead of time.