Monday, March 23, 2009

enjoyable day

Last week i attented my friend marriage . i met most of my college friends.. we pupil have lots of fun with a married couple.. they really made for each other,looking very cute pairs. i really had a nice time on that day... it was an unforgatable day too....


Yesterday i purchase figs,when you purchasing dried figs make sure that they are still relatively soft,free of mould and have a mellow pleasant look like a rich ,deep colour and are plump and tender,but not mushy..they should have a mildy sweet fragrance and should not smell sour..

hotel townbus

Today i went to hotel townbus,no one travelling on arcot road can't miss a bus,that is always parked near the ram theater bus stop. it is not a mobile eatery,but a restaurant designed to resembles bus.. inside the restaurant it is designed like MTC buses.. seats are unique to it are clamped to the floor and hand-holders are strapped to long rods running overhead . its really looking cute.


coffee is a popular dring,because it contains caffeine a physically and psychologically addictive drug and also the stimulating effect of caffine is consumed by many as a pep-up beverage......