Sunday, June 28, 2020

Iterative unnecessary work and worst manager

I was working with the irritating on-site team and a stupid manager for an opportunity for more than a week and wanted the work to be completed as early as possible. However, my manager was hesitant to drop a note to the onsite team about my work closure, and during one of the daily check-point calls, I requested the onsite team to share insights about the upcoming action plan. The onsite team replied that the client has not responded to their clarification request and the whole solution discussion was based on assumptions. I was completely furious and got no support from my manager to obstruct the onsite team from requesting additional work from us. Besides, the onsite team was requesting me to work on additional slides and my manager did not have any guts to stand against them. My manager was one of the most frightening creatures in my company, and he would try to satisfy all the work requests that are assigned to him. Read more such blog posts from "G R Team Sites"

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Leisure time at hometown with little anxiety

I reached home at my native sooner than later due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the country and need to connect from home for the next couple of days before my long vacation. So, with much anxiety, I logged into my office laptop to check for new work and to my surprise, I did not receive any new emails from my onsite counterpart. I was much relieved about the work status and was browsing the internet with much anxiety, as my manager would dump all unnecessary work to me if he knows that I was going to be idle for the entire day. In addition to it, I also had a long vacation plan and my manager would extract as much work as possible before I go on for a long vacation. With each hour passed by, I was getting relieved about the fact that I was not getting emails, chats, or calls from my manager about new work, while I was taking rest at my hometown. Post lunch, I just wanted to check with one of my colleagues, whether only I don’t have any work or how about the work with other members in my team. To my surprise, he was also mentioning that no one the team had much work in their hand and all my colleagues were having a gala time at their home. However, all my astonishments and leisure time was ruined within a few minutes by my manager and to know more, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites”

Friday, March 13, 2020

Going ahead with my plan to complete service request

So, I and the offshore delivery point of contact was working hard to finish the service request as early as possible and within two days we were able to complete almost all client requirements. For the first day, we sent initial work in progress document to the on-site team for review and was awaiting feedback from them. Until the next day, we did not get review comments or acknowledgment from the on-site team and now we have to take a stand to complete the work as early as possible. Therefore, I and the offshore delivery person concluded that, if there is no comment let’s assume that we are on the right track and complete the rest of the document in our day time and send the updated version as a final draft from offshore. The delivery lead was also acknowledging my suggestions and we agreed that we will go ahead with the discussed plan and if at all, the on-site team needs additional information we can plug and play wherever we could. One major concern running back of my mind was that the reason behind the on-site team’s silence, I wonder whether it could be that, the entire storyline might be different from whatever client had requested for or my storyline would be bang on with details of what client had requested. To know more, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”


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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Initial effort to complete services request

So, my manager pulled me into support the last-minute service request for my teammates and I had to understand all the client requirements within a short span of time. I tried to read all the documents that the client had shared earlier, however, I was able to cover only a few of those documents. With my understanding and expertise in completing previous such requests, I had to complete an entire service request. I called my teammates to understand more about the service request and I was able to get only feeble insights and some usual stuff. I started by putting in some standard content from my repository and drafted a rough table of contents with my understanding of client requirements. I was not even included in the discussion calls and not all the information shared by my teammates was enough. However, my manager was persisting to complete the documents as early as possible and his inputs for the completion of the document were out of the world. It was completely irrelevant to the client's requirements and the delivery team was asking me to reject all his suggestions. To know more about key highlights while completing this service request, please feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”