Saturday, May 11, 2019

Appraisal rating and promotion request for this year

The most awaited time of year has come again for this year and as usual I was anxious about this year’s rating. I had stiff competition this year from around all my team members and was hoping that I would be awarded second best ratings this year compared to last year’s first rating. Before I get into my appraisal ratings, I wanted to detail about hierarchy in my team. So, my team is split into two parts one part is led by my manager and another part was led by old manager who led the team in earlier times. My manager usually doesn’t have any discussions or mails about my performance and mostly I get information about my ratings only in the company portal, when it is notified via email. The other manager usually schedules discussion with each and every team member and details them about their positives, outcomes and negatives. I have a teammate in my location who reports to the other manager and he was discussing about the current year’s ratings. While discussing he mentioned that his ratings were communicated much earlier and the entire team’s rating was finalized. I was getting even more anxious about my ratings and to know more, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”.