Monday, August 13, 2018

India’s first test Match review

So, after finished watching the movie, I switched to the sports channel to check the score for the India’s first test match with England and was surprised to see some other match highlights were going on. I thought either it should be raining or India would have won the match bit early with their best batting skills. I was still hesitant to check the score in online and was hoping to see some scroll in the channel mentioning the play for delayed due to rain. My patience was getting worse every minute and had to overcome my nervousness to check the score online. The moment I opened the sports page online to check the score, I was shell shocked to see title “India’s batting collapse led to England’s victory. It was worst ever performance by the Indian batsmen and bowlers no winning the match despite holding upper hand in almost maximum number of sessions than England. I was too frustrated and didn’t even wanted to see any other cricket matches or highlights ever in the TV. My whole Saturday got ruined because of unwanted office call early in the morning, delayed lunch post washing the vessels and then finally India’s batting collapse to lose yet another test match outside home ground. Continue reading at ‘G R Team Sites’

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