Wednesday, December 21, 2022

My Failures on buying 14-inch MacBook Pro

Buying 14-inch MacBook Pro
My 2012 MacBook pro had started to give me issues and had occasional failures out of nowhere due to mother board issues. After trying out all troubleshooting steps on my old MacBook Pro, I had to come to terms with buying new laptop would be the viable option and had finalized 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook as my preferred option. Even after finalizing my preferred laptop option, I was still not able to get my laptop due to various reasons and following are few of those:
  • Lack of exciting deals during festive shopping season: I was hoping to find some exciting deals during the festive season and was hoping the online shopping networks would list jaw-dropping deals on MacBooks. However, to my disappointment there were nil or negligible deals on 14-inch MacBook Pro and even those units were getting sold-off in minutes post listing on shopping sites.
  • Declined Credit card process: As there were nil or negligible deals on 14-inch MacBook Pro by the online retailers, I had to figure out the available options from official online Apple site and had identified a deal with a leading credit card network. However, to my disappointment the application process was declined for me due to some address mismatch and to wait for few more months before initiating new application.

With above constraints, I was not able to get my preferred 14-inch MacBook pro and was stuck with my old dying 2012 MacBook Pro laptop. To know more about my decision on getting new laptop, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Information about Fastest Transplanters

Fastest Transplanters
The transplanters have been the most innovative product for the farmers and farming industry, helping them to accelerate their seed planting with shorter time and to meet their high production demand. With wide range of transplanters product available in the market, finding the reliable and high-quality transplanters have become the most difficult process. Recently I came across this interesting company known as “The Checchi & Magli company”, it is one of the leading companies in the market which helps consumers with wide range of transplanters that no other competitor in its class could offer. The company helps consumers to find wide varieties of transplanters based on their specific needs, cultivation requirements and production demand. Likewise, if you are looking to find Fastest transplanter for your business requirements, then Transplanter TRIUM 45 from the Checchi & Magli company would be the smart option.
Fastest Transplanters

The unique features of Transplanter TRIUM 45 from the Checchi & Magli company are as follows:
  • The unit helps you customize the seeding distance between rows of min. 45 cm (18”) and other 3,4,6 rows versions are also available with foldaway hydraulic frame (TPI) option based on the request.
  • The unit is semiautomatic for tapered and pyramid-shaped clod plants up to 3 cm in diameter (6 cm only with special kit optional) driven by traditional driving wheels.
  • The unit would be perfect fit for planting the plants with developed leaves such as tobacco, tomato, cabbage, hemp, etc.
  • The transplant units are independent and modular with 10-cup rotating distributor (12 on request) that ensures high output and seamless comfort for the operator.
  • The unit holds the capacity to plant 4500-5000 plants per hour each row (6-7000 with 12 holes distributor).
If you are looking to get additional information about the product or looking to get customized based on your planning requirements, then please feel free to check out the above link or the Checchi & Magli company. You can also check out below video to get more insights and know features about the product.

Friday, October 7, 2022

Why you should not shop or buy M2 MacBook Air in 2022

not shop or buy M2 MacBook Air in 2022

Apple has launched their latest version of M2 chip in WWDC event and ever since there have been lot of debate over their pricing, configurations, etc. However, based on my analysis of various configurations and budget assessments, it was evident that getting M2 MacBooks does not make sense and buying lower version or higher version M1 Pro would be smart option. Following are my reasons on my conclusion

  • Base configurations have slower SSDs: With the launch of M2 MacBook version, Apple has gone for single SSD chip option rather than dual SSD in earlier versions and M1 Pro version. Even though, the experts and Apple has clarified that the single SSD performance will not be slower and could not be noticed by normal usage. As the SSD ages over year, the performance could degrade with lot of read/write actions and failure of single SSD chip would eventually result in complete device failure.
  • Drastic price increase over the current M1 version: Even though the slower SSD option is the only change in configuration, Apple has also made drastic changes in their pricing and kept a year older M1 MacBook Air as the base version and has considerably increased the pricing of entry level M2 MacBook Air. The price increase over M1 MacBook Air version is not justified with the performance or advanced configurations.

With above listed reasons, it was evident that buying M2 MacBook Air in 2022 does not makes sense and people can get the entry level M1 MacBook Air, if they are price conscious or get M1 Pro version if they wanted to get updates/features over next several years. For more such information or article, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Continuing issues after trying memory foam ear tip in AirPods Pro

memory foam ear tip in AirPods Pro
Most experts on the internet were of opinion that changing the Apple silicone ear tip with memory foam ear tip would resolve most of the initial AirPods Pro issues like loss of bass and the fitment issue in the ear. Since, I had similar issues with my AirPods pro, I had no option but to buy memory foam ear tip for my AirPods and thought the memory foam tip would solve all my issue, however it turned around. Following are my observations post switching from Apple’s silicone ear tip to memory foam ear tip
  • No change in sound quality or Bass: Post changing to memory foam ear tip I thought the bass quality would improve and enhance Dolby Atmos sound quality. However, I could not find any difference between the existing Apple’s silicone ear tip and the memory foam ear tips. I tried the same video with similar environment condition and validated the sound quality in both ear tips. I found no difference in the sound quality or improvement in bass.
  • No change in fitment issue or Ear Tip test: The main objective I had opted for memory foam ear tip was to eliminate fitment issues and ensure I get “Good Seal” outcome in Apple’s in-built fitment test. I tried out the test in same environment and similar conditions, the outcome did not have any change nor there was any improvement to the fitment test.
With above concerns, the shopping of memory foam was complete failure and on the positive note, I bought the memory foam through Amazon and had it covered through replacement eligibility. To know more on how I found manufacturing defect in my AirPods Pro, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”