Wednesday, December 21, 2022

My Failures on buying 14-inch MacBook Pro

Buying 14-inch MacBook Pro
My 2012 MacBook pro had started to give me issues and had occasional failures out of nowhere due to mother board issues. After trying out all troubleshooting steps on my old MacBook Pro, I had to come to terms with buying new laptop would be the viable option and had finalized 14-inch M1 Pro MacBook as my preferred option. Even after finalizing my preferred laptop option, I was still not able to get my laptop due to various reasons and following are few of those:
  • Lack of exciting deals during festive shopping season: I was hoping to find some exciting deals during the festive season and was hoping the online shopping networks would list jaw-dropping deals on MacBooks. However, to my disappointment there were nil or negligible deals on 14-inch MacBook Pro and even those units were getting sold-off in minutes post listing on shopping sites.
  • Declined Credit card process: As there were nil or negligible deals on 14-inch MacBook Pro by the online retailers, I had to figure out the available options from official online Apple site and had identified a deal with a leading credit card network. However, to my disappointment the application process was declined for me due to some address mismatch and to wait for few more months before initiating new application.

With above constraints, I was not able to get my preferred 14-inch MacBook pro and was stuck with my old dying 2012 MacBook Pro laptop. To know more about my decision on getting new laptop, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

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