Sunday, June 28, 2020

Iterative unnecessary work and worst manager

I was working with the irritating on-site team and a stupid manager for an opportunity for more than a week and wanted the work to be completed as early as possible. However, my manager was hesitant to drop a note to the onsite team about my work closure, and during one of the daily check-point calls, I requested the onsite team to share insights about the upcoming action plan. The onsite team replied that the client has not responded to their clarification request and the whole solution discussion was based on assumptions. I was completely furious and got no support from my manager to obstruct the onsite team from requesting additional work from us. Besides, the onsite team was requesting me to work on additional slides and my manager did not have any guts to stand against them. My manager was one of the most frightening creatures in my company, and he would try to satisfy all the work requests that are assigned to him. Read more such blog posts from "G R Team Sites"

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