Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Suggestion about Bhagat

Moving further it's not a matter of inherent literary genius or a particular surrounding that breeds good authors and if that would have been the case we would have only had Walter Scott and Mathew Arnold as the literary geniuses belong to that elite class. So what I am trying to emphasize is that we should not compare Chetan Bhagat with any other author whose works are of a completely different genre and to say that if we are comparing a Bhagat with a Tagore or a Rushdie, it is like comparing a masala flick of bollywood with a soul stirring work of Spielberg and since their works are poles apart having completely different objectives and different admirers so we better stop this task of comparison and start respecting an artist with respect to his own specific world and better not drag him into another universe where he may appear completely as a stranger. To sum it up I will not say that the works of Bhagat are completely worthless and in a way they have been phenomenal in drawing the attention of those thousands of people who would never care to read a novel and that too in English and we know the reasons why(for not reading those books). So let’s admire his potential as an author who could make even a non-reader interested in reading his works and of course for the rest of us we do have our canonical literary texts to bang our heads with (just kidding). hence lets not argue about where Bhagat stands in this world of literature because he has his own stand and let him stay there with his millions of admirers and if someday I too feel like joining them I can also join them.

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