Thursday, April 23, 2015

God and Me

At one point the angels led me to a Canadian man who was an alchemist and who, amongst other things, was actually turning mercury into gold (though it can also be done from lead, which is more difficult). I studied alchemy for two years with him and watched this process with my own eyes. He had a sphere of glass about 18" in diameter filled with a liquid, and little bubbles of mercury would rise into it. They would go through a series of fluorescent colors and changes, rise to the top, turn into little balls of solid gold, then sink down to the bottom. Then he would collect all these little balls of gold to use for his spiritual work. He owned an ordinary-looking little house in Burnaby, British Columbia, on an ordinarylooking street. If you drove down the street, his house would look like any of the others. But under his house was a hidden laboratory. He had taken the millions of dollars in gold and dug straight down, building a huge complex filled with everything from electron balances to you-name-it so that he could further his work. He didn’t care about money at all. And of course the purpose in alchemy is not to make gold or money, but to understand the process of how mercury or lead changes into gold.