Saturday, July 20, 2019

Recurring calls and the first updated deck for review

So, I scheduled recurring calls with all the team members and the leaders to review the daily updated decks and get the necessary from the onsite team. On the first day I had a very draft storyline in place, and I had few information copy-pasted from the earlier decks for the review. The call started, the on-site team was immediately checking for the latest slides for the review and they were expecting everything to be in place on Day 1. I was completely furious, however I couldn’t express it in the call, as there were any top leaders and delivery leads in the call. I was patiently going through the slides and explaining it to the on-site team, the purpose, the required inputs from each team and the outcomes that we wanted to call out. In that initial call, everyone was fine with the storyline and was expecting it to be continued in the next week recurring calls as well and was forcing me to have the updated deck by Monday evening call. Learn more about what happened on the Monday call, detailed in the G R Team sites.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Appraisal rating and promotion request for this year

The most awaited time of year has come again for this year and as usual I was anxious about this year’s rating. I had stiff competition this year from around all my team members and was hoping that I would be awarded second best ratings this year compared to last year’s first rating. Before I get into my appraisal ratings, I wanted to detail about hierarchy in my team. So, my team is split into two parts one part is led by my manager and another part was led by old manager who led the team in earlier times. My manager usually doesn’t have any discussions or mails about my performance and mostly I get information about my ratings only in the company portal, when it is notified via email. The other manager usually schedules discussion with each and every team member and details them about their positives, outcomes and negatives. I have a teammate in my location who reports to the other manager and he was discussing about the current year’s ratings. While discussing he mentioned that his ratings were communicated much earlier and the entire team’s rating was finalized. I was getting even more anxious about my ratings and to know more, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Another surprise shock in the office

We had very good time at office as my manager was on off and entire team had no work and were having much fun playing “Bingo” game in the office hours. The next day with much anticipation about new work and thinking about the complexity about the opportunity, I enter office and there was pleasant surprise again. My manager took off for consecutive two days and I check my mail for any work, to my pleasant surprise I had no work to be completed. That’s not all and my entire team had no work to done and we were planning to play “Bingo” game again. Now another colleague puts a hard brake and conveys that she is not interested in playing the game, as it feels bored and was looking for new games. Now, we get together discuss and finalize that we play “Ludo” game and we had the exact combination of players required for the game. We were having much fun playing the game and were pulling legs each other. But it’s not all, the hard part is yet to come and to continue the story, please check out “G R Team sites”

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Treatment for your health

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Issue with another credit card

Now after solving one credit card issue which had levied debit interest charges and had annual fee associated with it and now I wanted to reveal tactics of one more credit card. So, I have been using this credit card for past 3+ years and this credit card doesn’t have any annual fee associated with it. So, I have been using this card as a backup credit card and interest charges are usually higher than the other credit cards. This credit card has reward points as its benefits and I have accumulated few reward points to it. Now I found a workaround for earning more reward points in the card, just by adding balance to the online shopping portal and even by paying bills through that online portal. I have paid few bills with this credit though the online portal which have 10X reward points for each transaction made and was hoping to earn big for the current statement period. However again I was shocked to see current credit card statement as it had lesser reward points than I anticipated and wanted to validate the Terms. When I checked the terms of the reward points, I was shocked to see that there was maximum slab on reward points could be earned per month. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”