Sunday, June 9, 2013

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Suggestion to get Stylish Glasses

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

High Tech Headsets by Plantronics

In the highly competitive wireless headset market, Plantronics remains one of the world leaders. Known for quality, comfort and innovation there are products that can cater for many different budgets and tasks. The reason for this quality is because the first wireless headsets were created right at the beginning of the wireless headset era and so that maximum possible amount of experience has been gained through the development of the headsets alongside the rapid developments of other communications devices. This wealth of experience and attention to detail means that the headsets that are on offer bring high quality comfort and sound to the customer without being bulky or having specialist power or operation requirements. Therefore these headsets are reliable and comfortable communications devices that can be used just as easily in the office, in the home, or even when on the go.

For the more traditional customer, Plantronics continue to manufacture wired models, which are not planned to be stopped at any point soon. Much of the technology that is available in the wireless headphones is also available in the wired headphones, but the key differences come when the communication protocols are considered. Wired headsets require a socket to plug into no matter what communications network is used. Wireless headphones do not, and so they provide mobility and flexibility to the user.

The wireless headsets are designed to be as comfortable as possible while also retaining a lightweight structure and various different capabilities. The first of these is that a headset can be either single or multi-channel. Both types of headset feature Bluetooth connectivity that is well-known and is used for the connection of mobile phones to wireless ear pieces. However this same technology can also be used in order to connect a wireless headset through a dongle in a computer to VOIP services. Multi-channel headsets also include DECT technology. This then allows headsets to connect to landline phone services.

Plantronics design their headsets intelligently and utilise the best components that are around. These componenets also happen to be lightweight so that even a top of the range multi-channel headset only weighs around 100g, and for single ear devices this drops even further.

There are some key differences between Bluetooth and DECT connectivity, but there are also some similarities that make both protocols useful in an office environment. The ranges over which the communications links can be used is the main difference between the utility of the two different protocols with Bluetooth having a limit of around 10m and a DECT connection having a limit of around 100m. As both of the technologies are digital in nature they are easily encrypted using Digital Encryption that means that each conversation is kept securely between the dongle or base station and the single headset to which they are linked.

The ongoing development of Plantronics headsets means that they have also developed noise cancelling technology as part of the overall development of their headsets. This means that the headsets can be used effectively even in noisy office environments.