Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Informative eBooks to Learn about Health Informatics

Health Informatics is not a very well known job title. Health Informatics bridges the world of medicine with technology. Specialists use computerized expert systems to guide their diagnoses and treatment recommendations. Technology takes all of the information gathered from patients office visits and puts them in a very convenient place to reference them and make them retrievable. Health Informatics is not easy to understand until you do a little reading on the subject. We have searched the web and com up with a few eBooks that can help you learn about this rewarding career.

7 Informative eBooks to Learn about Health Informatics

1. Clinical Decision Support Systems: Theory and Practice (Health Informatics) – This book was developed with three purposes in mind. The first was to be a resource for Informatics Specialists. The Second purpose was as a text book for students or teachers taking part in a Health informatics program. The third was to introduce current clinicians interested in computer based diagnostic systems.

2. Transforming Health Care Through Information (Health Informatics) – This book discusses the challenges Health care systems face when they implement technological change. A good source for students and professionals.

3. Telenursing (Health Informatics) – Collective experiences from around the world. It explains digital information and technical issues. It discusses the possibility of a nursing service that could assist anywhere in the world.

4. Fundamentals of Law for Health Informatics and Health Information Management – This book offers guidance for these professionals and practicioners on legal issues of health records, Electronic Health Records, and HIPPA. HIPPA was enacted b President Bill Clinton to ensure the safety and security of your Electronic Health Records.

5. ABC of Health Informatics – This is a walk through to show how Health Informatics is used in the doctor’s office. This eBook has case studies to illustrate the link between health care and technology, which is what Health Informatics is all about.

6. Public Health Informatics and Information Systems – This book is a very good reference for what Public Health Informatics is all about. It encompasses every aspect of Public Health Informatics and teaches you what you need to know in this specialty. This book is jam packed with so much information that not only will it be used by students to learn, but it will also be a reference book in clinical settings and by professionals already in the field.

7. Informatics for the Clinical Laboratory: A Practical Guide for the Pathologist – This book details how Informatics are involved in the Clinical Laboratory. The Clinical Laboratory is a place where large quantities of information is generated and needs to put into one of the programs where it can be retrieved by the medical community. This book highlights the importance of information management in the Clinical Laboratory.

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